The Scatter Brained Genius' Coach
Marilyn "M.E. The Speaker" Porter

2019 EPIC Anthology



Collaborations are a great way to become an author without having to pen 30,000 words - that could take years! Trust ME, I have been working on my second solo book for about 3 years now. So, what exactly makes this project so EPIC? Notice the picture below - there are TWO books connected to the project!

"The Bold and The Brilliant ~ Success Strategies"


"Don't ASK Her ~ I'll Tell You MY Story"

YESSSSS! 2 books, 28 authors and 1 book launch in February 2019!

Sister book projects

14 authors sharing their personal transforming life stories &

14 authors sharing their knowledge and expertise in the business world.


05/01/2018 or when all 28 slots are filled which ever comes first!

books (1).jpg

                    What can you expect as an author? 

The Investment: 

$600 Paid in Full 

$720 Monthly Payment Plan 6 consecutive payments of $120 (MUST be automatic draft)

Word Count:

2000 word maximum (1800 minimum)

150 word biography 

Wholesale rate: 

$8.00 per book MUST be purchased in batches of 20

(Pre-sale $ 18.00 and Retail price $ 25.00)

Flat rate shipping: 

$15.00 per 10 books

Professional Cover Design:

Each author's name will appear on the front cover (first initial and last name)

LIVE! Launch Brunch and Book Signing

Atlanta, GA 

February 2, 2019

No cost to authors and 1 guest ( $24.99 for all others)

Author's branded photo shoot (group)

Branded t-Shirts 

5 complimentary print copies 

Author promo interview series:

iHeart Radio Interview

Praise Orlando 

Dr. Walter Sims Show



05/01/2018 or when all 28 slots are filled which ever comes first!


What I expect as The Compiler/Publisher

  • 250 word writing sample prior to payment
  • Signed contract with payment full payment or first payment
  • All check point deadlines met
  • 1-2 professional head shots with no objects included
  • Lightly edited manuscript
  • Commitment to actively promote the project
  • Intention to attend the live launch in Atlanta

Are you ready to take the dive?


Please complete the form below and be sure to include your 250 word writing sample. Our team will contact you to continue the on boarding process 48 hours from your submission. Review the contract

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does my investment of $600 get me in both books?

No. Your single investment of $600 secures your authorship in one book. If you desire to author both books SBG Media will offer a $200 discount on the second investment. 

2. Will the wholesale rate of $8.00 be for both books ($4.00 each)?

No. The wholesale cost is per unit, each individual book is $8.00 wholesale and will retail for $24.99. Calculate your profit margin $24.99 - $8.00= $16.99 minus your shipping charge. 

3. Do I have to pay for the brunch and signing?

No. You and 1 guest attend free of charge. 

4. What if I miss a payment on my payment plan?

All contracts will be voided due to nonpayment. There is a 3 day grace period.

5. Will travel and hotel accommodations be made for the authors?

No. The compiler/publisher will only be responsible for the brunch meal, the branded t-shirts and an author photo shoot. All other expenses will be encurred by the author.