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THE MOMMY    M.E., Misha, Christina, and Charity


M.E., Misha, Christina, and Charity

“...a strong Christian woman and a straightforward thinking realist.
I have called on her many times throughout the years to assist me with issues that
I was going through. She ‘coaches’ me through the crisis with gentle care
and great God-given wisdom. She never hesitates, does not give me the
“I will get back to you later with an answer” reply, and she is almost always
(99% of the time) on point with her response.”
— A. Edwards, CEO Pearly Gates Publishing

Marilyn Elizabeth  Porter "M.E." is a woman confidently and intentionally living her purpose - bringing light and wisdom to the world. She makes no apologies for being a woman of unflappable faith  and allows her Christianity to shine bright in every arena. And although there are many titles and descriptions that fit her - Mommy - is one her most prized accolades.  Her God and her children (in that order) have been the driving forces in her life.

You may know her as:

The Soul Shifter - and that she is!

The Scatter Brained Genius' Coach - and that she is!

You maybe just beginning to know her as;

The P.U.SH. Strategist - and she is that too!

Marilyn Elizabeth “M.E.” is a Kingdom Kid, with a love for business (the marketplace) and marketing and is this perfect combination that allows her to be a blessing to the people is many ways.

She was awarded The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for Volunteer Service under President Barak Hussein Obama,  this honor was coupled with the Certificate of Congressional Recognition signed by Congressman and Civil Rights Leader John Lewis.

Dr. Porter is not only an 12 time Bestselling author - one of which includes her own life story "The Pieces of ME (And YOU): An Autobiographical Journal" - she is also a Bestselling Publisher and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post.

M.E. Porter is also the founder and pastor of The Pink Pulpit Crusade International - an evangelistic organization with a great mission of spreading God's love throughout the entire world. The PPIC also is committed to Bible teaching and ministry training for women globally.

Phenomenal Child of God. A Phenomenal Mother. A Phenomenal Friend. A Phenomenal Business Woman. A Phenomenal Preacher of the Gospel. A Phenomenal Author and Publisher. A Phenomenal Wife (husband not accounted for yet). A Phenomenal Life, Business and Personal Development Coach and Consultant. A Phenomenal Mentor.

Dr. Porter is simply a PHENOMENAL WOMEN