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Marilyn "M.E. The Speaker" Porter
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An Uplifting Collection of Words

A Collection of Uplifting Words

An Uplifting Collection of Words 


A compilation of writing genres!

Do you write prayers or blessings?

Are you a poet or lyricist? 

Do you just have profound thoughts that you want the world to read?

Do you write powerful Facebook statues? 

If you said "Yes" to any of the above questions, then this is the book collboration for YOU.


Author Investment

  • 1000 words 
  • 50 word bio and your professionally submitted head shot will be included in the bio.
  • Professional edit and proofread
  • ebook & paperback
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is there a fee to submit my writing? Publishing can be costly! Editing, proofreading and graphic design is not cheap and author fees offset the some of the cost for the visionary author. These fees are a mere fraction of what is costs to publish the book.

2. Will I get to see a copy of the book before it goes to market? Not likely.

3. What if I see an error in my writing after publication? Even the best editors miss things at times and in those cases we make the corrections at no cost to you however if you decide that you don't like your writing and wish to make changes there is a fee of $ 100 to do so and it can only be done once.

4. If I do not like the final product can I have  my money refunded? Author fees are ONLY given if the book is never published.