The Unstoppable Women of Purpose Workbook Volume 1

The Unstoppable Women of Purpose Workbook Volume 1


Unstoppable women of purpose share their insights and strategic exercises in order to help you SOAR in life and business. Unshakable, unmovable and ready to conquer, these women have gone through it all. Overcome depression, poverty, addictions, abuse, unworthy feelings in the depths of your rock bottom. Graciously and fervently SOAR in both life and business. 

Learn to embrace the unwavering faith in yourself and your GOD given purpose, not allowing anything to hinder you from embracing the greatness within. You will learn, to survive heart-ache, emptiness and abandonment and allow NOTHING to become unachievable. These strategies are going to create a SHIFT in your life. Bringing you to your knees, with questions and you left with your heart filled with purpose and meaning. 

There is greatness within you and your divine gifts waiting to transpire. Now is the TIME to embrace and unleash your POWER. Become the great and inspiring woman you are destined to be. Your journey begins today; may you conquer all your tests and trials graciously. Love your life again; your family and friends. Become the influence your children need. Truly embrace the PROVERBS 31 Woman within. Experience the TESTIMONY of a woman left alone and feeling unworthy, transformed into an UNSTOPPABLE woman filled with purpose on a mission to change lives. 

YOU are an Unstoppable Woman Of Purpose, raw, real and ready to ROAR. Are you willing to experience the SHIFT?

As you have embarked on your quest to become an UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN OF PURPOSE; in reading this anthology of inspiring and empowering stories of 22 global women leaders.

I encourage you to follow the GLOBAL MOVEMENT. Its mission is to continue to equip, enrich and empower YOU to lead an unstoppable life and business with purpose. To yield the visionary woman with our upcoming resourceful and inspirational series will ultimately support your complete transformational journey embodying personally, professionally and spiritually.

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