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Though I Walk

Though I Walk


The Psalmist David often found himself in the midst of trouble, it is he who teaches us to have faith in the valley as he expresses in The 23rd Psalm. This is perhaps one of the most encouraging passages of scripture in the Bible, as David reminds himself of exactly who God is and why he MUST hold fast to him in all things - even in the low, down trottened, darkest night, valley experiences of life. 
"Though I Walk.." is the first book in the trimphant testimomial series "Living the 23rd Psalm". It would seem that one would begin with "The Lord IS my Shepard; however in this age when may people are experiences the valley, it can difficult to see God as Shepard. Recognize the valley and become of aware of the safety that you are experience while in the valley and THEN you come to know Him as Shepard.

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