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Cai Randolph

Carlene “Cai” Randolph anthology project.


Carlene “Coach Cai” Randolph

Life Coach| Bestselling Author | Speaker

About The Anthology

I am super excited that you landed her! Thank you for your interest in contributing to my upcoming book project________.

I am looking to collaborate with 20 individuals who are ready to share their heart stories. Stories of:

  • Triumph from Tragedy

  • Faith from Fear

  • Wisdom from Wilding - out

  • Patience from Panic

  • Love from Lust

I think you get the picture - we want to tell the world of about our comebacks!

Take a peek at what the project entails and let’s see if it is a goof fit for you. Let’s make moves together in 2019!

  • INCREASE YOUR BRAND VISIBILITY - Get in front of new faces and leverage your brand with others pf a like mind.

  • GENERATE A NEW INCOME STREAM - Books are business!

  • BESTSELLING AUTHOR - That title brings validity to your expertise in a way like none other

  • BOOK COACHING - Guidance from other writers, publishers and editor with over 15 years worth of experience combined.

  • MOST IMPORTANT!!!! - YOUR STORY MATTERS! Being an inspiration to others, especially for those in ministry or social entrepreneurship.

The Authors:

Men and Women who are;

World changers -strong mission and vision

Trailblazers - not afraid to pave the way for others

Anointed - God-given gifts and talents

Entrepreneurs - progressive builders

Coaches - passion to support others

Authors - published or unpublished

Ministers - Preachers, teachers, evangelist, etc,

Nonprofit leaders - social entrepreneurs

Etc. Etc. Etc…….

What I needed from you:

  • Your chapter _________ words.

  • Your 150 word bio.

  • Your headshot (ONLY professional with high resolution with be accepted).

  • Commitment to all deadlines.

  • Promote and market the project

What you can expect from me:

  • Book cover (ebook and paperback)

  • Interior design

  • Ebook formatting

  • Editing (proofreading)


  • Initial marketing collateral

  • Virtual Book Launch Party