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About The Anthology

I am super excited that you landed here! Thank you for your interest in contributing to my upcoming book project.

The book is focused on stories that inspire, empower, heal and transform.  So, we want you to detail a specific life challenge, obstacle or setback that you faced and how you came out on the other side as a VICTOR not a Victim!  Be sure to include takeaways for the reader -- include advice or tips you can offer to someone who might be going through the same challenge, obstacle, or setback. We are interested in stories from the bedroom to the boardroom that touch the following topics:

  • Triumph from Tragedy

  • Faith from Fear

  • Wise from Whiny

  • Patience from Panic

  • Love from Lust

  • Shakable to Self Confidence

I think you get the picture - we want to tell the world of about our comebacks! Take a peek at what the project entails and let’s see if it is a good fit for you. Let’s make moves together in 2020!

  • INCREASE YOUR BRAND VISIBILITY - Get in front of new faces and leverage your brand with others pf a like mind.

  • GENERATE A NEW INCOME STREAM - Books are business!

  • BESTSELLING AUTHOR - That title brings validity to your expertise in a way like none other

  • BOOK COACHING - Guidance from other writers, publishers and editor with over 15 years worth of experience combined.

  • MOST IMPORTANT!!!! - YOUR STORY MATTERS! Being an inspiration to others, especially for those in ministry or social entrepreneurship.

The Authors:

Men and Women who are;

World changers -strong mission and vision

Trailblazers - not afraid to pave the way for others

Anointed - God-given gifts and talents

Entrepreneurs - progressive builders

Coaches - passion to support others

Authors - published or unpublished

Ministers - Preachers, teachers, evangelist, etc,

Nonprofit leaders - social entrepreneurs

Etc. Etc. Etc…….

Does this sound like You?

What I needed from you:

  • Your INVESTMENT is $ 1297.00 in full or 1/3 deposit of $457 and 2 additional payments of $457.00/invoice sent upon request)

  • Your chapter 1800 words.

  • Your 150 word bio.

  • Your head shot (ONLY professional with high resolution with be accepted).

  • Commitment to all deadlines.

  • Promote and market the project

  • Black Friday Pre-order 10 copies for $110 using Promo Code: DEEPSUGA

What you can expect from me:

  • Professionally written contract

  • Book cover (eBook and paperback)

  • Interior design

  • E-book formatting

  • Editing (proofreading)


  • Initial marketing collateral

  • Virtual Book Launch Party

Name *

More about “Cai”

Dr. Carlene Randolph aka “Coach Cai,” is podcast host, certified Life and business strategist coach, blogger, bestselling author and motivational speaker Her experiences have placed her in the trenches and not simply in the well decorated board room. Her knowledge is vast and relevant in today's marketplace. Her passion for helping people improve their lives by guiding them to make the right choices is what drives her beyond the safety of virtual business. 

Coach Cai is up close and personal and has the track record of success to back it up. She’s working to make success a little easier for the female entrepreneurs in the global community.  


“Total B…” is Coach Cai’s sophomore literary assignment and is one worth reading.

Available on Amazon.