The Scatter Brained Genius' Coach
Dr. Marilyn "M.E." Porter



The Scatter Brained GENIUS' Coach™

Dr. Porter is a leader of leaders, which makes her the coach of coaches! A coaching session with The Scatter Brained Genius'Coach is dose dose of motivation interwined with divine guidance - those of you who know her as The Soul Shifter are already familiar with her stype of powerful gentely nudging that compels her client to MOVE foward! Session can can be executed in a few different ways; VIP days or weekends and group coaching. Extended 1 on 1 coaching is done on a client by client basis in a six week package. Although she is moving away from extended 1 on 1, The SBG Coach will still oblige those whom she feels require more than just 1 session. She enjoys the accountability piece that comes with Group Coaching and enjoys watching clients support each other in that manner. Her coaching style is very free flowing and does not consist of a cookie cutter coaching model - each program is developed for each client's specific need - even groups are designed to meet the needs of each participant.

VIP WEEKEND a full weekend (Friday at 7:00 PM - Sunday 12:00 PM) of personal development and mindset work, business and life strategy,  product and services development, launch campaign, photo shoot and next year calendar scheduling. 

  • A 2 night stay in a 4 or 5 Star hotel (depending on location)
  • A massage 
  • A welcome basket with with personal and business trinkets to make the weekend more enjoyable!

VIP DAY a half day (6 hours) of masterminding, personal development, product launch strategy and social media planning or mini photo shoot. 

1 on 1 coaching packages are 6 weeks of personal development, business assessment, social media training, product development and website launch (1 page scroll through) or modification 

Group Coaching sessions are 6 week power forward sessions. Based on the collective needs of the participants 2 other expert coaches will be invited in to share. HOT seat masterminds for one product or service for each participant. Social media and website assessments. 


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