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Consultants are experts or experienced professional in a specific field and has a wide knowledge of the subject matter. Consultants offer their knowledge and experience on a fee-based scale - many will often allow a one-time free consult. Consultants are NOT coaches or mentors - however many have the skills to function in all 3 roles.

As an expert in mindset and transformation I can offer you methods that will help you shift your business, ministry and or personal life into high gear. My clients move past their setbacks and mental blocks with ease! So much so that I no longer offer long term coaching because it is just not needed - lives are often shifted in 1 consult and a few coaching sessions. All my methods are faith based which does not mean I quote scripture however the bulk of my wealth of wisdom has come from my spiritual life experiences.

So, let's talk about it; life, business and relationships - from start-ups to break-ups, from parenting to profit potential. An expert in several areas of business and life with the life experience to match but my most powerful and beneficial role in your life is helping you transform from what you are into what you desire to BE.

Gather Your Thoughts™" and WIN when you schedule a consultation with me. We all need that special something that catapults us into your next best self, let's see if I am the ingredient that will make your vibration rise!