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Healing Confessions with Sheila Malloy Hall

Healing Confessions IS BACK! I started Healing Confessions in 2017 on FACEBOOK LIVE with the purpose of shedding some light on the journey to healing.

I wanted to share some truths that show the journey isn't always easy, but it is NECESSARY. To walk in a space of freedom, you must do something different. You must SEEK your healing by choosing the method that best works for you. Some can 'tolerate' you when you're in your brokenness and are also quick to remind you of every misstep, but as an Agent of Healing, I am here to confess some truths in a way that helps us ALL begin or continue the healing JOURNEY!

Along the way, I have had some special guests join me. So, to close out 2018's Healing Confessions is my very first guest: Marilyn E Porter ! She ALWAYS confesses HER truths UNAPOLOGETICALLY! Also, joining Healing Confessions, is Ms. Bonita Parker! This transformation strategist will share her tenacious healing confessions!!!! Her STRENGTH will bless your healing journey!!

Later Event: January 3
The Thursday THUNDER!