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15 Reason YOU Need A Friend

Fifteen Reasons Why Friendship is Important

Friendship like any other relationship requires a time to cultivate; time the unfortunately in the world of Facebook and Twitter, we simply are not taking the time necessary to form solid, meaningful, mutually beneficial unions called friendships.  Scripture tell us that “A friend loves at all times… (Proverbs 17:17), but to love we must allow the opportunity to know the heart of another, we must be willing to experience the real life of another and accept the whole of who they are. Associates, colleagues, assignments (we all have those people in our lives), frenemies (this very term is nauseating) and inquisitive judgmental onlookers (what some might call “the haters”) are never to be confused with true friendship.

Friendships influence you in many ways. Friends can have a powerful influence over you and whether you realize it or not, your friends have helped shape you into who you are today. You are even the product of the friends who are no longer your friends.

Friends can give you vital life skills. Having a group of friends can make your mind sharper and generally make you happier. In a group of friends, you tend to feel more accepted, leading you to be happier and more optimistic. Friends can also motivate you to accomplish difficult tasks, like losing weight or developing better habits. Friends can help you advance in your career and introduce you to new people, people who sometimes turn into romantic partners or best friends.

Developing friendships in childhood help the learning process. Developing friendships in childhood help teach us important life skills and shape our lives. Building bonds with others at a young age will help make us happier and we learn the value of friendship while also developing mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Teen friendships build the foundation for bonds later on in life. Teenagers who have strong friendships in high school are preparing for later long-term bonds that will arise in adulthood. Having friendships in the teenage years will make it easier for people to be more social and outgoing in adulthood.

Friends can introduce you to new things. Having a diverse group of friends can be a good thing. Even though everyone is different, it gives people a chance to try new things. For example, having friends with different tastes in music can introduce you to music you never knew you liked. Having an artistic friend can introduce you to a new hobby, and having a studious friend can help you sharpen your learning skills and show you new ways to study.

Having friends can help you get more friends. Chances are, the people you’re friends with have other friends. Including a mutual friend in a shopping trip or a night out can introduce you to a potential best friend or romantic partner.

Close friends support you, no matter what. In times of grief, your friends will always be there for you. Studies show that being surrounded by friends in a depressing time will help you move on quicker and become happier. If you want close friends that you can always depend on, it’s important to strengthen the relationships you feel are the most important. As Proverbs 17:17 says, “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Friends will love you, and in stressful times, they will be like a brother or sister to you.

But while friends can help you heal, friends can also make you miserable. Sometimes people are friends with you because they need a motivation for themselves. Often times, people will befriend others to highlight their own assets and make themselves feel better. These kinds of people can also get you in trouble and blame you for their own actions, and they can stress you out. Having friends who dangerous things are likely to suck you into their wrongdoings, which can hit you with consequences. Just remember that it’s okay to say no to friends who disappoint, betray, or stress you out.

You’re less lonely when you have friends. This is obvious. Spending time with friends will make you feel happier and more accepted. Finding a close circle of friends will help you experience more of life.

Online friends are just as good as physical friends. Even though online friends can’t physically be with you and support you, they can still be good friends. Making friends online is usually easier than making friends in person and they can be easier to talk to than the friends in your area.

Don’t restrict yourself to certain friendships. Society has stereotyped friendships so that girls can only be friends with girls, and that guys can only be friends with guys. If you restrict yourself to a certain type of friendship, you might be missing out on something great.

Romantic relationships are some of the best friendships, but don’t abandon your other friends. Most people spend all of their time on their significant other and they slowly detach themselves from their other friends. If the relationship ends, those people don’t have any friends to fall back on, even though they really need the support. When you’re in a romantic relationship, it’s important to keep a strong bond with your friends. Relationships may end, but friendships will prevail.

Friends can give you a much-needed reality check. Your friends know you better than anyone, and they’re the people who will tell you that your outfit doesn’t look good or that guy or girl you’re eyeing as a potential significant other is bad news. Friends see the things that we can’t and they can bring you back down to Earth.

Banding together with friends can help a cause or a social change. Starting a charity or a movement by yourself is pretty intimidating, but starting one with friends can make it seem less frightening. A group of voices can make a bigger change that just one.

Friendship is a two-way street. By being a good friend, you’re giving all the things that you expect your friends to give to you. If you expect them to be kind, supportive, and fun, you have to be that way, too. Look at what you require for a good friend and be everything on that list. If you need your friends, chances are that they need you, too.

In short, keep good friends and be a good friend.