The Scatter Brained Genius' Coach
Marilyn "M.E. The Speaker" Porter

Musings of A SBG

Coaching The Coaching

As coaches we remain at the ready to serve and support our clients – even on our not so good days we show up unapologetically for others; but who shows up for the coach? I have an answer for that – you guessed it another coach! It took me many years to realize that I, like my clients, needed a support system that could not just be my girlfriends or my mother – I needed people with the ability to engage me and guide me forward, just like I do for so many others. So I found a “No-My-Best-Day Coach” – which is another coach that has committed to coach me back to my Sacred Soul space on those not so good days. We are in fact committed to this for one another. 

Recently, I reached out to my own business coach just to offer a few words of encouragement. She had been on my heart for a day or so and I finally just sent her message on Facebook, with a video of me speaking to a group of women and I hoped it would be a source of good feelings for her as well. She replied immediately! “YOU are what they are talking about when they say the coach is being coached, thank you so much for thinking of me – I needed that!” It gave me such a feeling of peace to know that I had been able to be of service to my own coach and it also showed me a few things that are necessary for that type of exchange to be of value. These are my insights: 

·       Technique Number 1 in Coaching the Coach: Recognize that there is a need! Pay attention to the words or lack of words and patterns of other coaches in your circle. Look signs of burn out or a sense of overwhelm. 

·       Technique Number 2 in Coaching the Coach: Be willing to throw a life line. The moment your intuition tells you that there is a need – spring into action! Action could be a phone call or a text message. A message via social media (Facebook is my favorite because you can see exactly when they have opened the message) or an email. And if you are close enough schedule a lunch or dinner date. My favorite first resource is prayer. 

·       Technique Number 3 in Coaching the Coach: Respect the professional boundaries of the relationship. What do I mean by that? People have knack for losing sight of someone’s strength once they have seen them in a moment of weakness or need. However we must be able to continue to recognize one another as geniuses at what we do even after we’ve needed to be coach ourselves. 

Yes, even the coach needs a coach, but remember that having a need does not diminish the value of who we are as professionals who stand ready to serve our clients unapologetically.