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Dr. Marilyn "M.E." Porter




Scatter Brained GENIUS Media Group is the brainc child of Dr. M.E. Porter. Becoming a publisher was a smooth ride from being a Amazon Bestselling Author 8 times! What started out as passion to tell her story became a platform to help others tell their stories.

Dr. Porter has been writing and self-pubishing since 2014 - however SBG Media Group came to life in 2017. After turning away several potential clients because the intention was not be publisher BUT a self publisher. SBG Media Group is a Christian Publishing House, specializing in anthologies, biographies and autobiographies, Bible studies, and devotionals. .

SBG Media also offers these services: 

SBG Publishing a la carte



$ 1000.00 (ON SALE NOVEMBER 1 - 30) $550.00

    Word Count: 15,000 included 
    •   Formatted both ebook and print (Editing is NOT included )
    •   Createspace assigned ISBN (private available at 
        additional cost of  $ 99.00)
    •   Cover design w/3D promotional included
    •   Virtual bestseller launch (1 hour virtual event designed to ensure
        that your book becomes and amazon bestseller)
    •   Print to order inventory ( $6.50 - 8.00 per book wholesale)
If you believe this level of service would be effective for your upcoming book project SBG is ready to take you from concept to creation!  

ANTHOLOGIES (25,000 words included)

from $ 2000.00 (10 authors or less)

If you have questions please email out team at:

Coaching, Concepts And Creation

$2500.00 (20,000 words included)

Do you more than a the basic services offered in concept to creation? 
Some of SBG's clients require a writing coach to with them through the writing
process completely - while others simply come with a concept a few facts
and say "Write this book for me please!" No worries we can do that!  

Concept to creation (The Basics) plus:
    •   Two 45 minute writing sessions
    •   one 30 live audience reading 

Capture My Voice And Write My Book Premium Package

$ 5000.00

Let me guess, you are that 2% of the population that has a story that will change the world but you just don't have the time or energy to pen your story? This service is not offered for Bible studies or devotionals, for obvious reasons but we do offer this service to clients with life changing stories that bring healing and reconciliation to the world! Yes, give us the details and we will effectively capture your voice and tell your story for you - what we call ghostwriters. It is the most premium service offered at SBG but we do not disappoint!

Includes all of the above services and the private ISBN and LOC numbers are included in this premium pack. We look forward to getting your words to life, someone is waiting to learn from you words, heal from your words and grow from your words. Don't continue to make your audience suffer because YOU will not show up! Gather your thoughts and let SBG Media write them for you!

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*** 10% Discount for Clergy and Veterans