Who IS Really Thinking About Integrity? by Christina Wilson

I was at the store one day and saw a lady take some candy from a stand. It was one of those dispensers that you have to use to fill a bag and then go get it weighed to know how much you owe. Even though she only took a handful, and no one would have noticed either way, it made me think: Why was she so comfortable taking that candy from the dispenser without paying? Integrity. Not many people think about this world on a daily basis. Even fewer people really understand what it is to have it. Integrity is simply put: Doing what’s right, even when nobody's watching. This can be as simple as picking up a piece of ice off the floor that you dropped instead of kicking it under the fridge or as major as telling the truth on the job even when you have the distinct opportunity to lie. Integrity is a serious thing and can often let us know a lot more about ourselves than we care to see. I believe that once you learn to have integrity in your everyday life, God will be able to bless you with not only the ability to be the answer to difficult situations, but more blessings, because he trusts you with his work. He knows that no matter who is looking at you, or not looking at you. You will do what’s right. 

M.E. PorterComment