Transformation Nation


Hi There! So, if you came here with your mind already made up that Transformation Nation is the program for you - I won't distract you from taking action now: 


Are you ready to do the work required to transform your life? Now, when I say life I mean; personal, business and/or ministry, relationships (romantic, family, friends, etc.)? I am talking money, health and wellness, spirituality - ALL of of this thing we call life! Are you tired of just; just making, just enough, just about, just a minute, just one more time? ANYONE that is tired of the just  mindset is ready for transformation. It make no apologies for the having done the work necessary to get beyond the just! I have the blueprint on getting through and past your stuff- the stuff that has you stuck in just. 

Let's get ready to rumble! Hi, I am Dr. Marilyn "M.E." Porter, your Certified Life, Personal Development and Transformation Coach - with a God-given gift to shift your NOW into your NEXT best level of living! 

I am passionate about imparting all that God gives me, into my clients - I refuse to live in abundance, while those around me struggle with things like; confidence, self-worth, money blocks and wrong associations! I WILL NOT DO IT!

Transformation Nation™  is the latest and most comprehensive divine download that I have received from The Master Life Strategist - I call him Jesus! Not only is it divine, but it's  affordable at  $127.00 per month for 12 months! I bet you think I am crazy for acting like $127.00 is nothing, but I think you are worth it. Don't you?

You can expect over the next 12 months:

Mindset Mentoring

Personal Development Strategies 

Establishing Powerful and Profiatble Beliefs

Cultivating Your Circles of Influence 

Introduction and Embracement of the REAL YOU

and so much more...

Working with Dr. Porter is truly the best of both worlds in the transformation industry - she is a brilliant women of tremendous faith and wisdom who taps into the supernatural to guide her clients forward. 

How will you learn: 

One monthly personal call/video session with Dr. Porter (or the expert of her choice)

Once monthly Transformation Nation™ group call/video with Dr. Porter 

24 hour access to video trainings

Private Facebook Group


Reading assignments 

Live pop-up trainings throughout the US (fee required) 

So, let's get ready to transform YOU into the person that you see when you dream about success!  I know you are ready to have and be the transformation that you desire.  And I know that you are worth the investment. 

If you are still not sure, that's okay my friend. Your uncertainty is a powerful sign that you are just not ready for your best to show up! The cool thing is that I will still be here transforming lives whenever YOU are ready to BE the change that you desire.

Blessings and Brain Power!

P.S. The next time you are in Wal-mart or Target grab yourself a 3-ring binder to keep all of your worksheets  and notes together!